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Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's the simple things in life that bring happiness

The word quantity is what most strive for, but it's quality that makes the difference in life. It's not how much you have or are worth, it's what you do with you have. Happiness comes from within and not from a possession. Quality is what makes one smile from within when one becomes content and finds happiness in the simple things in life. I met many people this past week on the beautiful island of Kauai who truly love their lives that consist of very little. For me experiencing what I photoed below is what brings true happiness for me. Take away what little money I have and what little I own I will still find joy in what I experience when I do something as simple as hiking in nature.

The photo is a I look into the wettest spot in the world "The Blue Hole". Sue & I Hiked 60 plus minutes through a slippery stream bed, bamboo forest and mud that was knee deep to get this shot. Our guide was Eric from Hike Kauai with me who is a hiking guide and expert on Kauai's terrain and landscape. I'm obsessed with this spot and next time will be planning and overnight trip all the way in which puts you right at the wall and under 3000 foot plus waterfalls. I think i'm a pretty good photographer but this shot can't begin to explain what I was looking at or experiencing.

If you plan on visiting Kauai, want to experience the Islands back country and some of the most pristine spots that most will never experience give Eric Rohliffs a call. Not only is his knowledge of the island second to none but he's also a great guy with a love and passion for Kauai that shows through in his stories.  

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